JayJay from the beginning

This is my favorite picture of JayJay without a doubt. Obviously if you like dogs, puppy pictures just don’t get cuter than this. I think what has made this so very special to me, though, is I always felt that this was the dog that lived inside my Little Buddy. You can see it in … Read more

Four Long Weeks

Oh what I would give to see That Look just one more time! This was the look I would see when he was tired of waiting for me. Most of the time I would see it when he was ready to go home and I was still working. Somehow he managed to look a little … Read more

My best friend is gone

I woke up yesterday morning with a sense of dread which I don’t recall ever experiencing. For about a year and a half we have been battling renal failure with JayJay. He had been doing quite well, sometimes to the point we felt like maybe we were going to defeat this insidious disease. Kidney failure, … Read more

Not Winnable

I said I just got a new Solitaire game for my iPad which has something really neat. There is a light that flashes not winnable when you reach the point in the game that it’s uh…. not winnable. I got to thinking wouldn’t it have been great to have that kind of button during my … Read more

Beyond Endurance

Yesterday, I turned off Colin Cowherd and started listening to music. I can’t recall ever turning off ESPN because I was totally disgusted. However, as Cowherd droned on and on and on about Martha Burk and the two new members of Augusta National Golf Club, it was more than I could endure. Here’s the way … Read more

I HATE Tax Day

And not for the reason you might suspect. It’s just an annual reminder of how I wasted a career doing this crap and never really built my life’s work into anything meaningful. I met some of the worst people and worked for from some of the meanest, cruelest bosses imaginable. I know that most of … Read more

JayJay and the mustard seed

I never would have imagined that I could become so attached to any animal as I have this little dog. When I started this business approximately 8 years ago, for some reason I decided that a dog would be nice to have around. When Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her … Read more