Richards Row

For some reason, I have never understood, my life has been littered with people of low moral character, liars and bullies. I’ll never understand it. Sometimes I think it is the result of being too trusting (or nice) or maybe I’m extremely gullible or unlucky. Who knows? I certainly don’t, but I do know it is true. I learned WAY too late in my life that there is NO PRICE TOO GREAT to pay to put as much distance between me and these bastards. No price…… This list is not in order of dickocity, just random. There’s little to choose between them. There’s no good reason for any of them to consume oxygen. as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be adding names periodically.


To All Those Below:


  • David K. Carlson – This is the bastard that brought me to Arthur Andersen through a series of outright lies and then left me there at the mercy of Gajek and Wallach. He’s not the worst on the list, but certainly caused the most pain. I see he’s selling real estate now. Not to me…..

  • Joseph Banko – I don’t know where to start here. This man made my life a living Hell during my last days at Mellon Bank. Just plain mean and willing to do anything to anybody for personal advancement. I’ll never forget him telling me “you’ll always have a job here because of all you’ve done for the bank”, as I was leaving. Needless to say, that was just CPA bullshit and meant absolutely nothing. The torture he put me through daily was unforgivable. I see he’s doing quite well at Bank of NY. I’m not surprised. His type always does and “it” never comes around.

  • James A. Stob Jr. – Not sure what I’m going to say here, but wanted to get his name up. If I was putting these people in order, he would probably be number one. All of these worms run crying to their attorneys to try and intimidate people when they can’t deal with the truth. If you want to see something funny, it’s worth reading the lawsuit between Position Technologies, Inc. and Ken Johnson. It doesn’t take a lot of reading between the lines to see what is going on. I’ll post the documents later.
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