Not Winnable

I said I just got a new Solitaire game for my iPad which has something really neat. There is a light that flashes not winnable when you reach the point in the game that it’s uh…. not winnable.

I got to thinking wouldn’t it have been great to have that kind of button during my lifetime. I think of those times like I went to work for Position Technologies Inc. in Geneva, Illinois. How I could have used that light then! Nothing ever seemed right and it resulted in five of the worst years of my life working for James F Stob and his partner.

There was another time when I was introduced to a new boss at Mellon Bank, Mr. Joe Banko, CPA. This is one of those times that actually I saw the not winnable flash in front of me because the very first time I met him I knew not knew that he was nothing more than a lying bully. Just like virtually every other CPA I’ve ever met. Wormy little cretins that use numbers to intimidate and bully people to achieve their nefarious goals. I saw recently where he was again promoted and I’m not surprised. These are the kind of people running our banks and destroying our economy. .

There was another time when we built our house in St. Charles. This was a time when the housing industry was booming and every person that knew which end of a hammer to hold or could guess which end one out of two times was building homes. We ended up going with St. Charles homes Inc., which was owned and run by a former schoolteacher. I guess you don’t have to be a genius to see the not winnable flashing there do you? Well I didn’t and we have paid and paid and paid and paid.

There are many other times that I’m sure I should have heeded the not winnable, but there are also those times when you are forced into a situation like I was with Job Banko and St. Charles Homes and I knew the inevitable result. I was forced into a corner by the situation. I’ll go to my grave regretting those times and wondering if I shouldn’t have been able to figure out some way out of a situation that was going to cause great pain to both me and my family.

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