St Charles Building Department In Action

Within 100 yards of my house are 2 drainage ponds. They are full of scum, trash, weeds and clogged drains. Soon they will morph into a breeding ground for millions of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit. You would think those fools in the building department would be involved, as I am sure the owners have a responsibility to keep these cesspools clean and functional. They are much more interested in making sure a 70 year old man spends his Saturday on his belly stuffing chicken wire under a fence to protect his dog which was put at risk by their ridiculous and outright incorrect enforcement of a lame drainage statute.

My Alderperson responded, at least, even tough it was lame and insulting – prepared by “staff” as they say. The Mayor’s office didn’t even bother to give me a blow-off response. Totally ignored me.

I would guess friends of the City Council / Building Department have some involvement with these drainage pools, as they only hassle the poor and disenfranchised – those without ability to defend themselves. Total bullies.

Oh yeah – these pools stink – just like our city government.

Drainage ponds under the watchful eye of the St Charles IL, gestapo.

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