Beyond Endurance

Yesterday, I turned off Colin Cowherd and started listening to music. I can’t recall ever turning off ESPN because I was totally disgusted.

However, as Cowherd droned on and on and on about Martha Burk and the two new members of Augusta National Golf Club, it was more than I could endure.

Here’s the way the New York Times reported the infamous rally at Augusta in 2003:

Vastly outnumbered by police officers and reporters, Burk spoke to a group of about 40 supporters in a five-acre lot authorized by Augusta city officials as the principal protest site. She made references to the fact that she had been denied permission to demonstrate directly outside the club, but said that she would not participate in, or encourage, an illegal protest near the Augusta National gate.

If I recall correctly, the reporters outnumbered the protesters by about 10 to 1.

I hate bullies. And Martha Burk is one of the worst kind. If those guys in Augusta want to have a Pompous Old Bastard Men’s Club, then they have every right to do so. I kept hearing this was the right or moral thing to do. Bull Shit. It’s nothing more than political correctness forced down our throats by the press.

Back to my music….

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