Like most stuff on TV, things are over-dramatized, but it’s a fun show.


Nothing but irrelevant white guys!!

Obama shuffles cabinet but with no female nominees – CBS News
5 days ago As he begins to assemble his second-term administration, the president catches flak for choosing white men for top roles.



Sometimes It’s Very Hard To Make Up Your Mind


Not Winnable

I said I just got a new Solitaire game for my iPad which has something really neat. There is a light that flashes not winnable when you reach the point in the game that it’s uh…. not winnable.

I got to thinking wouldn’t it have been great to have that kind of button during my lifetime. I think of those times like I went to work for Position Technologies Inc. in Geneva, Illinois. How I could have used that light then! Nothing ever seemed right and it resulted in five of the worst years of my life working for James F Stob and his partner.

There was another time when I was introduced to a new boss at Mellon Bank, Mr. Joe Banko, CPA. This is one of those times that actually I saw the not winnable flash in front of me because the very first time I met him I knew not knew that he was nothing more than a lying bully. Just like virtually every other CPA I’ve ever met. Wormy little cretins that use numbers to intimidate and bully people to achieve their nefarious goals. I saw recently where he was again promoted and I’m not surprised. These are the kind of people running our banks and destroying our economy. .

There was another time when we built our house in St. Charles. This was a time when the housing industry was booming and every person that knew which end of a hammer to hold or could guess which end one out of two times was building homes. We ended up going with St. Charles homes Inc., which was owned and run by a former schoolteacher. I guess you don’t have to be a genius to see the not winnable flashing there do you? Well I didn’t and we have paid and paid and paid and paid.

There are many other times that I’m sure I should have heeded the not winnable, but there are also those times when you are forced into a situation like I was with Job Banko and St. Charles Homes and I knew the inevitable result. I was forced into a corner by the situation. I’ll go to my grave regretting those times and wondering if I shouldn’t have been able to figure out some way out of a situation that was going to cause great pain to both me and my family.


Beyond Endurance

Yesterday, I turned off Colin Cowherd and started listening to music. I can’t recall ever turning off ESPN because I was totally disgusted.

However, as Cowherd droned on and on and on about Martha Burk and the two new members of Augusta National Golf Club, it was more than I could endure.

Here’s the way the New York Times reported the infamous rally at Augusta in 2003:

Vastly outnumbered by police officers and reporters, Burk spoke to a group of about 40 supporters in a five-acre lot authorized by Augusta city officials as the principal protest site. She made references to the fact that she had been denied permission to demonstrate directly outside the club, but said that she would not participate in, or encourage, an illegal protest near the Augusta National gate.

If I recall correctly, the reporters outnumbered the protesters by about 10 to 1.

I hate bullies. And Martha Burk is one of the worst kind. If those guys in Augusta want to have a Pompous Old Bastard Men’s Club, then they have every right to do so. I kept hearing this was the right or moral thing to do. Bull Shit. It’s nothing more than political correctness forced down our throats by the press.

Back to my music….


Mom’s Candied Dill Pickle Recipe

Just posting this for posterity. One of my favorite items.



I HATE Tax Day

imageAnd not for the reason you might suspect. It’s just an annual reminder of how I wasted a career doing this crap and never really built my life’s work into anything meaningful. I met some of the worst people and worked for from some of the meanest, cruelest bosses imaginable. I know that most of this was due to my inability to read people and I ended up at places like Mellon Bank and Arthur Anderson. Nothing I can do about it now, but this time of year really hurts. (I couldn’t find an image of a jackass, so I settled for this monkey.)


JayJay and the mustard seed

JayJayI never would have imagined that I could become so attached to any animal as I have this little dog. When I started this business approximately 8 years ago, for some reason I decided that a dog would be nice to have around. When Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her a dog and she said get it. I don’t think she realized, at the time, that they cost $700.

Carol and I asked around for suggestions as to what breed it would be best, keeping in mind that the dog would be inside and around people and computers. Two different peoples suggested a cairn terrier and I’m glad they did. If you look up this breed on the Internet you will see the phrase lovable and contrary used frequently. It’s a fair description!

Sometimes at night Carol and I will suddenly realize JayJay isn’t around us and go looking for him. Invariably, he will be upstairs waiting for us to come get him fresh cool water in his bathroom bowl, having decided some time ago that bathroom water is superior to kitchen water,or he will be in the office sitting in front of the closet waiting for a cruncher (what we call a little rawhide stick).

In both cases he is waiting patiently knowing that someone will be there to take care of him. This always reminds me of the passage from Luke 17:6 –

And the Lord said, If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you might say to this sycamine tree, Be you plucked up by the root, and be you planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

If only we could show the faith of this dog in our daily lives.


Cookbook Review

KochCookBookJust by looking at me you can tell I love to eat. Not only that, I love to cook.

I have no intention of sitting around and eating celery and water until they throw dirt in my face, but I do have two grandchildren that I want to see graduate from college someday. So, Carol and I have been trying to eat a little healthier and still enjoy our meals. Something that’s not particularly easy. At least for me. Carol is much, much better about it.

We found several books that are quite helpful in reducing all of the bad stuff in our food. Let’s face it, nothing is going to make healthy food taste like good old fried salt!

Our most recent acquisition is a book by Marlene Cook called Eat What You Love: More Than 300 Incredible Recipes Low In Sugar, Fat, and Calories. This weekend we tried the meatball recipe, as well as the cream cheese icing recipe which we used on the carrot cake from another of our favorite books. Both were excellent. Actually, the cream cheese icing recipe was as good as most full sugar and fat versions.

The book is available on Amazon for about 20 bucks and, if you look around, you’ll probably find a used copy for about half that amount. It’s money well spent.