I HATE Tax Day

And not for the reason you might suspect. It’s just an annual reminder of how I wasted a career doing this crap and never really built my life’s work into anything meaningful. I met some of the worst people and worked for from some of the meanest, cruelest bosses imaginable. I know that most of … Read more

JayJay and the mustard seed

I never would have imagined that I could become so attached to any animal as I have this little dog. When I started this business approximately 8 years ago, for some reason I decided that a dog would be nice to have around. When Mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her … Read more

Cookbook Review

Just by looking at me you can tell I love to eat. Not only that, I love to cook. I have no intention of sitting around and eating celery and water until they throw dirt in my face, but I do have two grandchildren that I want to see graduate from college someday. So, Carol … Read more